For all my life, I have always had the for wanting to do hair. I have tried several companies and wasn't too pleased with the quality of hair in the long run. I even purchased some top of the line hair extensions that turned out to not be as such! I have been able to build great relationships with some of the top hair distributors giving my Step in Style ladies the best hair extensions on the market. Are you on a budget? Would you like to save money for good quality hair? Well ladies, look no further! We have gold and silver bundles that will do the job and have you looking photographic ready at an affordable price!

Step in Style is diversity. Step in Style is unique. Step in Style provides hair for all ethnicities and hair textures. We have 100% virgin hair that provides you with the best quality hair at an amazing price. We offer so many different textures and brands there's always something at Step in Style just for you. We have Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver Collections that all offer different origins and longevity. STEP IN STYLE has something for everyone to choose from.
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